The Sense of Harmony: The Magic of Greek Life, Art and Theatre

LYDRAMA proposes a unique experience of art and theater drama in the context of an integrated educational/cultural trip to Athens and Epidaurus, Greece. Twenty-five hundred years ago, during the Greek Golden Age, art and theater, main blocks of our civilization today, flourished in Greece, inspiring billions of people worldwide through the centuries. Athens a city sealed with the dominant presence of ancient theaters, archaeological sites and museums invites the participants of this journey to sense the prolific art and drama repertoire of our ancestors and their living legacy in contemporary life. Epidaurus on the other hand hosts the finest and best-preserved example of a classical Greek theatre and the site of Asclepius, the famous sanctuary where soul, spirit and body were healed together though a process of self awareness (what we experience today as mediation), in pure harmony with the surrounding nature.

The proposed project combines workshops in visual arts, theatrical expression, drama, music and dance with site visits in theaters, sanctuaries and museums which will shed light into the arts, theater and dance substance and dimensions of the monuments and artifacts, in a balanced, 10-day schedule. The whole project aspires to be in the center of the development of a drama and art forum where participants will have the opportunity to live the experience of culture expression through the centuries, from ancient times till now, interacting with each other and with the world of art and drama. Experienced pedagogues and professional guides work hand in hand with renowned art and drama tutors to guarantee the success of this endeavor by providing the context and tools for a life-time experience though which youngsters will acknowledge the power of learning through culture and entertainment and will benefit from the powerful and fulfilling bond of different civilizations.