Uniquely tailored cultural/educational trips with LYDRAMA

LYDRAMA is an innovative cultural service which aspires to bridge culture with tourism, knowledge with pleasure, past with present, through an ecstatic itinerary of cultural re-discovery in different places in Greece. It operates under the umbrella of NEOANALYSIS, a member of EURICCA “The European Innovation Agency for Cultural Clusters”.

LYDRAMA offers a variety of cultural/educational trips on a distinct thematic area, such as theater and drama, sports and Olympic Spirit, the Cycle of Water, Following Odysseus, etc. These projects introduce the participants to a variety of principles and values related to modern life and give the participants the opportunity to acquire full experiences which strengthen their concept of life.

The projects planned and coordinated by leading education and culture professionals. They offer a basis of activities, such as guided visits, workshops, interactive events, on-site seminars and group meetings with expert scientists. They are addressed to different target groups: school pupils, university students and youngsters, cultural associations, artists and intellectuals or simple tourists who dream to acquire an unforgettable experience. The novel character of these cultural/educational trips allows for a tailored approach to planning with the interested groups, so that the project becomes a unique and personalized life  experience.