LYDRAMA has extensive experiences in planning and implementing educational/cultural projects especially with children and youngsters coming from difficult socio-economic environments. These projects are planned on the basis of the specific needs of these groups in collaboration with educators from various foundations and schools. Many of these projects take place at the summer camp of the Municipality of Athens with the valuable contribution of the experienced personnel of the City of Athens.

Long lasting collaboration with the French Foundation “Fondation Apprentis d’ Auteuil“, which is committed to support children and young people, who come from socio-economic marginalized milieus . We have been working with the different departments and schools of the Foundation, collaborating with teachers, educators, psychologists and administrative personnel to build up and implement a series of successful educational/cultural trips and projects tailored on the needs of the school population of the Foundation. Our tailor-made programmes offer the opportunity to youngsters with these special needs to get socially and culturally integrated and to acquire fruitful experiences on the roots of the Western civilization and its impact on modern society. Through the various workshops and activities, outdoors and indoors, they are given the means and the tools to communicate with each other and build up their self-confidence and self-esteem.

These tailor-made projects are also addressed to Greek youngsters from difficult socio-economic environments, usually in cooperation with the Hatzikonsta Foundation seated in Athens or with other similar target groups coming from the Municipality of Athens.