The Essence of Greek Life

A specially designed 15 day educational/cultural trip conducted by experienced educators and professionals will lead the participants in the multicultural world of Athens, Peloponnese and the Ionian Islands.

The participants will be inducted into the Greek civilization of ancient times which gave birth to the arts, sciences, medicine, sports and philosophy and which bridge past with modern Western civilization and cultural. They will experience the actual sites of ancient culture (Olympia and Epidaure), of Greek revolution times (Nafplio, Palamidi, Bourtzi) and taste the magic of the Ionian Islands (Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Ithaca) full of the spirit of Odysseus and the internal love for the sea, the sun, the “home”, the family. They will relax in sun bath golden beaches and enjoy the clear crystal sapphire waters of the Ionian sea.

In the context of this itinerary participants will visit the archaeological site of magnificent Olympia, the birth of Olympic Games and they will learn the meaning of Olympism linked to philosophy and civic life, based on the eternal human values of justice, democracy, respect to each other and to the spirit of «Ευ αγωνίσθεστε». They will visit the Marathon Run Museum and have the chance to learn about the unique classical Marathon Race. They will visit the site of Epidaurus and get baptized in the culture of theatre, drama and meditation. They will enjoy a day cruise from Kefalonia to Ithaca, they will visit wineries and learn about the process of the Greek wine production and the worship of the Greek God Dionysus. They will meet local people, sing and dance with them and learn about the meaning of the Greek words “kefi” and “glenti”. They will taste the famous Greek cuisine with homemade dishes on the basis of the sacred Greek products: olive oil, feta cheese, honey, Greek vegetables and fruit. They will have the chance to plant an olive tree in the secret Greek land.

They will be charmed to discover the physical beauties of the Greek mainland and seaside and enjoy the famous Greek hospitality.